Who is God? Do you believe in God? Get your answer here!


For people, the soul is pure, but the body feels unholy, how is it possible that we have been doing this? To say that God is holy, but creation is unholy, how is it possible that the idea of ​​God came into your mind because you saw the world when you were born and opened your eyes, then you saw such a huge creation around you.


How much had happened before you came here, of course, you did not create all this, so you thought that it would have some kind of a creator, in the same way, you reached the creator the moment you thought that it would be a creator because you are a human, you thought that he will be a very big person, a small man like me, cannot do all this, surely he will be a very big man, how can he create so much with just two hands, certainly He will have 8 hands.


If you were a buffalo, you would have thought that God would be a big buffalo. You go and ask a buffalo and see that he will tell you that God is a very big buffalo, maybe 4 sheaves. See when men were the most powerful force at this house, then naturally man was God, now women are also becoming stronger, then they have also started to question why God cannot be a woman. Suppose tomorrow if the dogs get a lot of power then the dogs will also ask why God cannot be a dog.


What you think about God is just a big-scaled version of yourself, your thinking about God has been made only by widening yourself. See yet you could not define yourself whatever your definition. They will not be right. Some kind of definition is not complete. To describe this creature completely, when this small piece of the creation is like this, then how do you define the source of creation?


You can neither define it nor understand it, you can only dissolve in it, you can experience it, you can never know it, you cannot make it knowledge and you should know about God Whatever knowledge is complete nonsense. See it is a simple matter, for example, if 15 crore monkeys keep pressing the same button on 15 crore typewriter, is it possible to make a song. No, brothers, you can never make a song even if you think that you would not have created such a big and huge creation.

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