Top ten beautiful and tallest waterfalls in the world

The landscape is beautiful because of waterfalls. The waterfalls filter the water and it oxygenates the ponds, it enhances the aquatic life. The speedy water flow is used to create electricity.

The tallest waterfalls are very interesting and look wonderful.

1. Angel waterfalls

Angels fall is the world's highest unbreakable waterfall named after a US aviator. Jimmie Angel ( US aviator ) - the first person to fly over the angel fall. Its height is 979 metres.

2. Tugela waterfalls

Located in Natal, South Africa and its height is 948 metres. It has a chain of little free falls and the upper region will freeze in cold climate.

3. Tres Hemans

Located in Peru and its height is 914 metres. It's also called ' Three Sister Falls '. The heavy vegetation at the bottom level makes difficult to see the full length of the falls.

4. Oloupena

Located in Hawaii, USA and 900 metres in height. It formed between two valleys - ' pelekunu and Wailua. It's a short and seasonal waterfall.

5. Vinnufossen

Located in Norway and its height is 860 metres. It's also called ' vinnufallet ' - a sixth tallest waterfall in the world.

6. Balaifossen

Located in Norway and its height is 850 metres. It's also called as European Waterfalls.

7. Puukaoku

Located in Hawaii, the USA and its height are 840 metres. It has many little streams which are 1-3 km long.

8. James Bruce 

Located in British Columbia, Canada and its height is 840 metres. It originates from small snowfields and Cascades.

9. Browne 

Located in South Island, New Zealand and its height is 836 metres. It's named after ' Victor Carlyle Browne '- an explorer who found the lake Browne and falls during the 1940s.

10. Strupenfossen

 Located in Norway and its height is 820 metres. It's a West facing waterfall which has low brightness in the morning. Due to west facing property, lots of shadows makes it difficult to view clearly in the morning.

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