Human mind Can Enslave or Liberate

The human mind is considered to be the most powerful tool. What we do or achieve is due to it otherwise we would be declared insane. There is a quote - 'Your mind is your greatest friend and your worst enemy'. This famous saying clearly depicts the importance of control over the mind. Chanakya has once expressed his thought that the mind can bind you down and can also set you free, it depends on how you use it. Have you ever observed the pattern of your mind? Our minds always search for happiness and try to avoid unhappiness and misery. It's obvious that all of us want to be happy and it is the ultimate goal.


But this is not the problem, this real issue is we don't want to struggle, we don't want to resist the pain to get that happiness. Happiness is the mindset but one needs to work for it. So, when we seek pleasure, we become a slave of our own mind and it's cravings. Here the question arises - how can we live our lives? How to be free? The answer has been given by Chanakya as - if we manage to stay detached from our material possession and relationship then we are free. This doesn't mean you are not giving importance but it means you know the worth and not imprisoned by them. So, to detach ourselves, we need to practice meditation, start watching thoughts, and how it saves us. It will take time but sooner or later, you will see the world with a different perspective and will also learn to control your mind and make it work for our benefits.





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