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During the lockdown, many people have complained about not getting a chance to step outside, and thus their brain remains rested and therefore they are worried about its consequences. People often feel that games are for children and therefore they often don’t participate in playing indoor games. But, there are plenty of games that can be played indoors and help you sharpen your brain and increase its creativity levels. These games are really interesting and so brain-teasing that you will sharpen your brain by enjoying them and increasing your brain capacity. Here’s a list of some top handpicked easily available brain sharpening games, which you’ll definitely enjoy at home.




It is a very intellectual and mind teasing game in the world and always bags the first position in the race of mind sharpening games. It is very interesting but also a challenging one. If you are really thinking to increase your brain capacity then this is for sure the best one for you. Before playing this game you must know its rules because this game is all about technique, cognition, patience, strategy, and skills. Once you know the rules and start playing it, you will automatically get magnetized with it and develop good skills.



It is one of the best brain games available in the world. It focuses on the retention area of the brain. Therefore, once you start playing it, you will gradually start developing strong retention power of your brain.  It comes in all newspapers and is easily available on internet as well. It is a game where there is a box of numbers and then you have to remember their placement and put them at the place according to the rules. You must start with an easy level and once your brain starts to retain them, then you can increase the level and develop retention power of your brain.



This is a very interesting, fun and creative game. It is often termed as a cognitive exercise for the brain. Crosswords are of various types, sometimes you have to make words from the hints given, sometimes you have to make as many words from four-five letters given and so on. It is very good for increasing your vocabulary along with improving the retention power of the brain.



This is a game going on for ages and can never be old. It is synonymous with basic entry in the business world. If you don’t have the board game, then you can play it online with your friends and family members. This is a very interesting game because it trains the brain with different ways of business and also teaches about the capitalist system. Thus, it’s very interesting and brain strategizing.



Games are always about strategies, techniques, and lots of fun but some games are even more than this. The games mentioned above are some of those brain sharpening games which help you boost your brain capacity and enhance your retention, problem-solving, and creativity skills. Thus, stimulate your brain by playing these games at home.







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