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Refugees are those who have been forced to move from their own country because of war, violence, or persecution on the grounds of race, politics, and religion. There are around 41.3 million refugees all around the world. Refugees are protected under the Refugee convention of 1951 which is also known as the Geneva Convention of 1951. States which are the parties of the Refugee convention of 1951 shall have to follow these principles to protect the Refugees that are residing within their own territories.



Protection of Refugees under the Refugee Convention of 1951 -

1. Article 3 of this convention states that the state shall not discriminate against Refugees on any ground.

2. Refugees have provided the Right to freedom of religion under Article 4.

3. Article 12 states that the state shall respect personal status of Refugees, their right to marry and their other personal rights.

4. Article 16 explains that Refugees must get free.

5. Refugees can generate employment for themselves.

6. They have the right to practice liberal professions under Article 19.

7. Article 22 states that children of refugees should be provided education.

8. The State shall ensure administrative assistance for refugees as mentioned in Article 25.

9. Article 26 states that the Refugees have the right to free movement and free choice of residence within the country.

10. Under Article 27, the state shall provide identity papers to them.

11. Article 28, the state shall provide travel documents for refugees.

12. Article 29 states that the state shall not expect refugees to pay taxes and finance charges.

13. Article 30, Refugees shall be allowed to transfer their assets.

14. Article 33 states that Refugees can't be forcibly sent back to their own country even the states who are not the part of the convention has to pay respect to refugees.

15. Article 34 states that the state shall provide the assimilation if possible and foreign citizenship to refugees if they fulfill the established requirements of the country.

16. Refugees should get public relief and assistance, labor legislation and social securities, and various other facilities and protection are being given to them to ensure their right to life with dignity.





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