Sambaluri Saree: The Sambaluri Saree is the absolute favorite of many charismatic women who have ensured that their wardrobe has a classy collection of these wonderful hand weaved sarees

The Sambaluri Saree is the absolute favorite of many charismatic women who have ensured that their wardrobe has a classy collection of these wonderful hand weaved sareesSimple, original designs, light-weighted, comfortable yet classy, statement piece which speaks for itself and a must-have: This is how most gorgeous ladies with a good taste for sarees would describe a Sambalpuri Saree. The Sambalpuri Sarees are hand-woven and a typical saree takes up to 2-3 weeks to weave. Depending on the design, some sarees can also take up to 5-6 months to get completed.

The weavers first create the design on a piece of paper, then form the design and tie the different patterns. The tied cloth is then dipped into boiling colors. This method is called to resist dying. Once the process is completed, the saree cannot be bleached into other colors.


Types of Sambalpuri Sarees:

Sambalpuri Sarees offer a wide range of options right from which women can choose what pleases them the most. There are many types of hand-woven Sambalpuri delights which vary in the design, fabric, and colors used.

The similarity is that they are all created using the tie and dye technique and are excellent pieces which exhibit our tradition and culture.


Sambalpuri Silk Sarees:

They have a rich look and are the fanciest of the Sambalpuri Sarees. Owing to the fact that the fabric is silk, they have a characteristic luster which makes the saree stand out.Unlike the other silk sarees, Sambalpuri sarees are very comfortable to wear and have simple yet elegant designs. They make great choices for weddings, festivals and celebratory events.

Sambalpuri silk sarees are sometimes woven with Golden threads in the pallu. Many designs such as temples, chakras, etc are used. Sudarshani saree is a very popular one. Sambalpuri silk sarees are available in Ikat, Bomkai, and Pasapalli also. The silk threads used are Pure silk, Mulberry silk or Tussar silk.


Sambalpuri Cotton Sarees:

They are light, earthy and have a coarse feeling and are usually preferred as daily wear sarees as they are very comfortable and feel like your second skin.They are also used extensively by office-going women as it gives them a formal and Indian look. Sambaluri cotton Ikat and Bomkai are very popular because of the amazing design used and comfort of wearing cotton.The Sambalpuri Cotton sarees are preferred because they provide warmth in cool seasons and at the same time helps to keep oneself cool in summer.


Sambalpuri Pata Sarees:

Pata sarees is the collective name given to Sonepuri, Pasapali, Bomkai, Barpali, and Bapta saris.It is the most expensive variety of Sambalpuri sarees. It has a look of silk sarees but in reality, is woven with high-quality yarn which gives it the shine.The fact that you can flaunt the look of wearing a silk saree (without feeling uncomfortable due to heat which is usually experienced while being draped in silk) while wearing a cotton saree attracts many women.The designs, just like in any other Sambalpuri sarees are eye-catching and heart-snatching.The Patta paintings from Raghuajpur have inspired the depictions of Raas-Leela, Mathura-Vijay, and Ayodhya-Vijay in some of the sarees.


Prices of Sambalpuri Sarees:




Sambalpuri Cotton



Sambalpuri Silk



Sambalpuri Pata



Sambalpuri Bomkai



Sambalpuri Ikat



Sambalpuri Pasapalli 10,000


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