What Causes Hair Loss in Men? How to Use Hair Fibers to Cover Bald Spots?


Hair loss is a common on both men and women. Stylish hair are good for personality especially in boys but if hair loss in younger age in boys or men then afraid of not good looking younger.

There are some causes of hair loss in men are discussed below –

  1. Ageing – Ageing is the general cause of hair loss for men. The growing of hairs are decreases as the age increases of men. When the age increases, hair strands small and have less pigment which hair becomes thinner, finer and grey. To keep your healthy hair, eat nutrious foods which help to keep body and hair healthy. When you have premature grey hair then use natural supplements for thick and healthy hair.
  2. Stress – If you are suffering from extreme stress due to official, competitions, jobs, marriage personal problems, and depressions then affects your hair which increases the hair loss in younger age. If you want to decreases the hair loss then decreases the stress by exercise, meditation, and massages decreases the hair loss.
  3. Hair styling products – Some people uses men hair products for thick hair which affects the hair and results hair loss. Over treated hair is also the main reasons of hair loss due to the toxic chemicals are present in dyes and styling products. For increasing hair growth, use shampoo contains Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which has a poisonous effect on the immune system of body, corrode hair follicles and impede hair growth. Thus use natural shampoos and dyes for hair growth.

How to use hair fibers to cover Bald Spots – Hair loss is common problem for men. There are some tips to use several types of hair fibers to cover Bald Spots are discussed below –

  1. Samson hair loss building fibers – This type of hair fibers are available in low price. This hair fiber does not utilize any type of wool, irritation or other messy ingredients. It is not a spray bottle and to sprinkle uniformly on the affected spots. You continue doing until have full coverage. By using soft brush for spreading the hair fibers and do not brush it through the scalp. You apply this fiber on dry hair and hold the container just same as salt shaker above the head and start sprinkling the fibers uniformly over the affected areas. After that shake well and sprinkle slowly until achieved the desired coverage. You can style the hair by using a soft brush gently brushing.
  2. Finally Hair Keratin Hair Building Fibers – These fibers are available in 20 –shades thus several options to modify  the right color which are best suits your hair.  This product does not clump, absorbs moisture, or make your hair look flat. It provides a complete natural look. This product is used on dry hair. You use a hair spray for holding the fibers securely. If you want to achieve good result then after use it is always important to close the lid of the product and also, move out with an umbrella during rain. This fiber is made up of hair building fibers which cover the thinning hair or bald spots instantly. The hair fiber has keratin which is rich in protein and designed to match the color of the hair for covering embarrassing baldness spots. The fibers are used for both women and men of all ages. It has no side effects and 100 percent safe drug hair loss product.
  3. Infinity Hair Loss Concealing Nano Fibers – These fibers are available in 10 different colors of hair fibers and amazing density into the existing hair. It provides invisible coverage to the balding spots. First of all shake the bottle well and apply it on the baldness spots, and style. This product eliminating the appearance of thinning hair for both men and women. The hair fibers are used for once per day during sweat, wind, and rain. This type of Hair Fibers To Cover Bald Spots and thinning spots of men. The benefits of this product for immediate solution to thinning hair and gives the appearance of thicker, fuller hair in few seconds, is secure and easy to apply, during rain, wind, and sweat resistant. 
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