Colors Impact Your Mind & Body | Color Psychology

Colors are one of the reasons for the changes in our mental and psychological reactions. Some colors are associated with our increased blood pressure, metabolism, and eyestrain. How does it happen? How color affects our mind and body. Let see the color psychology. If we like some color, we have some reason which was deeply rooted personally and it may be rooted in our personal experience. The psychological effects of Color: Red, orange, yellow are known as warm colors. These colors evoke emotions like warmth and comfort to feelings of anger and opposition. Blue, purple, green are described as calm also for the mind feelings of sadness and indifference. Before going into a particular color, we should understand that color association is not universal.


* Black: Black is not considered a color. It absorbs all light. It represents mystery, unhappiness, boldness, power. The positivity about black is, it makes positive associations like, it represents boldness and power including attractiveness and elegance. Some of the negative assumptions are ; some people takes black color symbolizes for negative things, which is tied up to death and bad things. It upraised feelings of aggression, fear, and sadness. Simply we used, 'black money' 'black market' ' black magic' etc.,


* White: Represents purity and innocence. Designers use white mostly because it shows a room larger and more spacious. It creates a sense of highlighting feature. Hospital and hospital workers use white for making others feel sterility because the white color represents coldness and sterile. Cleanliness, freshness, simplicity positive affirmations of white color. Stark, cold, isolated, boring are some of the negative affirmations.


* Red: Warmest and contradictory of the colors. It is linked with passion and love, power, and also for anger. It grabs the people's attention quickly that's why, stop signs, sirens, fire engines, and traffic lights have red colors. It is also associated with excitement and energy. It makes some physical effects such as increasing the metabolism, increases the respiration rate, this is a reason behind the red color used in restaurants. It is also called a color of dominance.


* Blue: Blue is mostly preferred by Men. It gives a feeling of calmness or serenity. It is described as peacefulness and security. It is mostly used to decorate rooms, people who are in the blue colored room are productive.


* Green: It symbolizes good luck, peacefulness, health, and jealousy. It helps in concentration and evokes comparison and it is a symbol of growth. It describes hopeful, optimistic, energetic, rich, healthy, harmful, sturdy, strong.


* Yellow: It represents the attention-grabbing, difficulty in reading, energy, frustration, warm. It makes a sense of complexity.


* Purple: It is considered a royal color. It means uniqueness and spirituality.


* Brown: It creates a sense of strength and also associated with security, safety, and resilience. It can also create loneliness and isolation.


* Orange: yellow and orange are combined to form orange. It is known for its energetic color. It means excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth and draws attention.


* Pink: It evokes feelings of joy and happiness. It creates creative and artistic vibes. It represents feminine and vibrant and also refreshing and euphoric. Colors are great communicators of mind and body.




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