Warning! 6 Plants At Home Which Can Make You Sick


There are different types of indoor plants available in the market, people do not know whether they are beneficial or not, they just go to the market and buy indoor plants for home decoration. While some indoor plants are having a negative effect on their health, they have no idea about it. In this article on our web we are telling people about indoor plants that are harmful to health, let's find out which indoor plants are the ones that can cause diseases in the house.


1. Dieffenbachia:

This plant can still be seen in many homes. People are happy to see its big beautiful light and dark green leaves, what a beautiful plant it is. They don't even realize that the moisture inside the plant is toxic. If its plants are kept in a closed place in the room, people may have a strange intoxication. If it is accidentally found in food or falls into something and reaches your stomach, it can cause blisters in the mouth, diarrhea, nausea, and swelling in the throat.


2. Sansevieria:

This plant is also seen here as an indoor plant. It is also known as a snack plant. Its curved, long, light, and dark green leaves play an important role in making it look beautiful. That is why it is bought for home decoration. This plant contains a special type of moisture called saponin, which is poisonous. The condition can be. Saponin can also cause diarrhea in people. So do not use this plant as an indoor plant.


3. Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is considered to be very important for enhancing beauty. That's why you see it in homes today as an indoor plant. People may be surprised to know that if they stay close to this plant, they may suffer from various allergies, diarrhea, and kidney problems. So it can be kept in airy places, but in the case of flat, portion indoor plant it is harmful.


4. Marigold:

The ball flower, also known as Mary Gold in English, is a beautiful orange and yellow flowering plant. If it is kept as an indoor plant, it can cause itching on the skin. In addition, if a part of this plant or a piece of the flower is eaten, it causes various stomach ailments.


5. Heart Leaf Philodendron:

This heart-shaped plant is known worldwide as "Heart Leaf Philodendron". This plant contains a special substance called calcium oxalate, which causes pain in various parts of the body. Remember that this vine is very beautiful to look at, but it also causes inflammation in the mouth, throat, and impairs the ability to swallow food.


6. Pothos:

This beautiful leafy plant is considered an important indoor plant for home decoration. However, it also contains calcium oxalate. If its leaves are cleaned by hand or its leaves are touched and the same hand accidentally touches the face, it can cause itching in the lips, tongue, and mouth. In addition, people may complain of nausea due to it.




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