You are the Co-Creator!

When we hear the word creator, we all think of the bigger force and that is God. Everything in this world was created by him. Out of all the creatures that were created in this world, man was given so much power and ability to think and create things.  Man was given a creative mind hence he is able to create; the machines, the buildings, the technology, the systems and even the lifestyle. These people that were able to create these things are normal people like you and me.

Maybe till now you didn’t know you possess this power or you knew but you were not sure that you can. You thought other people are better and extraordinary that is why they can make things happen and you can’t. I am here to tell you we are all the same, we were all brought in this world through the same process, and we all came with nothing in our hands. It would make sense if others were magically brought here, you know they were not given birth by anyone, they just appeared out of the blue.

When babies are born, they don’t know what they are going to become or who they want to be. Their minds are empty. But soon those minds will be full. They will have worries, there will be labels and everyone will find his or her own way in life.

They will start to figure things out. They will see things from different perspective and have their own beliefs.

You and I are not in this world to survive, we are here to create. The space that you are holding in this world is so precious, you cannot just take that for granted. That power is indulged in us since we were born, it’s in our DNA. Imagine if everyone in this world would accept and use that power.

There is always something to create and no one can do it the same as you.

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