National Safe Day 2019

Prevention is better than cure. A very common and we’ll known phrase which has a great meaning to daily happenings. Knowing what is right and what is not. Also, knowing the limit of approvable and restricted work. The day June 4th is celebrated as the National Safe Day. The reason behind this celebration is to remind everyone about the mistakes that have happened in past and to avoid it from happening again in future. 


This day was submitted by Brooklynn Mae Mohler Foundation in 2016, which was then accepted and initiated to be an annual celebration. This follows a motto and an objective which is to aware and educate people about the rangers that children or even adults could have due to unsecured firearms. There is a way of observing, it is mentioned below:-


S – Secure all firearms in the house.

A – Ask questions about unsecured firearms in the houses where your child visits.

F – Frequently talk to your child about the dangers of firearms.

E – Educate and empower others to be SAFE.


Through research it has been found that in many houses over the world, there are hidden firearms which generally results in a lose. Family get into a conversation and then someone gets angry and shots a fire, it might seem very dramatic but it happened a lot and has caused a lot of damage and lose. Many a times parents get angry due to their child’s activities and might take out the firearm in rage. All these activities have bad impact on everyone and everything. 


In order to build a safe and secure world for our generations to grow and develop we are here trying to take some small steps to bring a big change. So let’s join hands and take some actions. It’stine for us to educate our children, our localities and people around us. 

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