Why Article 15 is an important film for Bollywood ?


Ayushmann Khurana starrer Article 15 which is releasing this Friday i.e 28th June is receiving positive buzz from all circles due to its power-packed trailer and its different kind of promotional strategies is a very important film for Bollywood. Going by the trailer of the film, it is based on the horrific 2014 Badaun gangrape case in which two girls were brutally gang-raped and were hanged alive in a field. It was alleged that the police investigation was biased since the girls belonged to the Dalit community. This incident led a widespread outrage among the people and was reported in media outlets as well. It is also based in parts about the Una incident where members or gau-rakshaks tortured a Dalit family in Una because they were skinning the carcasses of a dead cow.



The film which premiered on 20th June at the London International Film Festival received rave reviews from audiences who watched the film. Sayani Gupta who has an important character of a Dalit girl in the film was elated and happy about the critical acclaim for the film. She shared her views and felt pretty excited over the release of the film. 



There are very few films that are made about the horrors of caste discrimination and the caste system in India. Films like Article 15 should be made in India so that people and the audiences would get to know that caste discrimination is a serious issue in this nation.  


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