How Does the Sub-Conscious Mind Work

Many people believe that a person has two minds: the conscious mind, and the unconscious mind, or what is called the subconscious mind, and this belief is wrong. Each person has one mind, but it performs two different functions, and to distinguish between these two functions, two names have been used, namely: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. In this article, the subconscious mind will be introduced, how it works, and how it affects the human personality. The subconscious function The subconscious mind is called the unconscious mind, and it is the mind responsible for thoughts and dreams, and for a person's mood, in addition to being responsible for determining the true features of the personality, and it is obedient to man. Where a person can direct it using the method of repetition, then the subconscious is the one that controls the habits and behaviors of the person and is the basis of his behavior.


Studies have shown that the subconscious of a person works throughout the whole day, even during the period of sleep, and it affects the person's access to his goals and objectives, based on his way of thinking. Whether positive or negative, the subconscious mind also helps the person to reach his goals according to the strength and clarity of those goals, as it releases sufficient energy to help the person reach his goal. And that is by removing the obstacles that face him, and making the behavior change to suit the goals, if there is no clear goal, the subconscious will not help to reach it, and the person often finds himself changing his style and the way he speaks; In order to reach his goal, and all this happens with the help of the subconscious.


How the subconscious mind works The mechanism of the work of the subconscious mind of a person is somewhat similar to the mechanism of work of computer programs, and if a person wants the program to give him specific outputs, the programmer must set the program correctly in order to obtain the desired results. There are computer inputs through which the programmer enters the necessary data, and computer inputs: the mouse, the keyboard, and the scanner, as for the results, they are obtained through the outputs, namely: the screen and the printer. If the programmer makes a mistake during the programming process, it will happen This is represented by the appearance of strange symbols and words that are not understood or heard an abnormal sound when executing the program, and then the programmer will try to discover the error to correct it.


By analogy with the subconscious mind, the programmer is the conscious mind, and the human inputs are the five senses. As for the outputs, they are the behavior, views, and actions of the person, and the conscious mind gives orders to the subconscious mind, and if there is an imbalance in the behavior of the person with those around him, or other things are observed on him, such as Anxiety, tension, or excessive nervousness, the conscious mind must change the beliefs that caused such behavior. Since childhood, a person has hidden thoughts and feelings that are difficult for him to express to those around him, and this is called repression, which is a group of forces that prevent pent-up feelings from reaching the conscious mind, so they collect and store them in the subconscious, and these pent-up feelings may be aggressive, or feelings Hatred towards certain people, or feelings of shame or fear, which may be sexual motives, which may lead to the generation of problems that are difficult to treat in the future, such as depression, or increased anxiety and tension, and it is possible that the person becomes difficult to adapt to his surrounding environment, all of which affects negatively On the human personality.


And in order to avoid the occurrence of such problems, it was necessary to understand the mechanism of the work of the subconscious mind, and pay attention to it and what is going on inside it, and the way the subconscious mind interacts with the inputs and commands that come from the conscious mind, by performing specific exercises, and selecting the information that is given to the subconscious mind, For example: If a young child hears that a job is the most important thing that must be reached, it is possible that the subconscious mind understands this information incorrectly, and thus this child will not think to work independently in the future, or if someone hears about the harms of a certain type of food and that it is the cause For all diseases, he will abstain from it, even if this belief is wrong, and most life situations are measured on that.


The subconscious mind must be given the correct beliefs; To achieve the required results. Characteristics of the subconscious mind The characteristics of the subconscious mind can be summarized as follows: Organizes memories, and stores them all. It stirs one's emotions and feelings. It acts as a motor for the entire body and maintains it. It needs clear steps to follow; To serve the person. It gives the person enough energy to reach the desired goal. Make habits; A person repeating a phrase 6-21 times makes it a habit for a person. It works on the premise that there are many things a person can discover and learn. It works 24 hours a and tracks any information that comes from the conscious mind. Knows what can and cannot work spontaneously; Because it stores memories and situations. It works using the rule of least effort; A person should not force his mind to be creative, but rather try to remain calm and relaxed. Its activity increases with its use. Automatically solve the obstacles facing the person, by giving the optimal solution; To achieve the goals. It provides the person with the necessary patience to learn and reach a goal.


Makes behaviors fit goals; Provided that the goals are clear. The work of the subconscious mind works best in two cases: the first case when a person thinks a lot about a certain matter, and the second case when he does not think about it at all. Communication of the conscious and the inner minds The subconscious mind is the bank of memories, information, and habits. As it keeps about 90% of them, and it is able to record about 50 frames at the same time, as for the conscious mind, it records two shots only at the same time, for example: When a person speaks to another person, the focus of the conscious mind is on speech, and it can be The other shot is seeing the eyes, and the subconscious is storing at that time the color of the other person's clothing, the room's lighting, its temperature, and anything else that is heard outside the room, etc. The subconscious mind is not selective, as it accepts everything, and does not distinguish between information coming from the conscious mind, and thus the person can control his subconscious mind and make it fun for his service and for everything that is in his interest, by sending him a positive message.





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