History of Watercolors


History of Watercolors and Paintings-

For western artists' painting came in the late 1400s. At that time, painters used to make watercolors on their own. The paints were hard like stones. Watercolor was discovered in 1780 by William Reeves in Britain. The first paint shop was founded in the 18th century. Watercolors were prepared by "scrubbing" the colors on the stone along with mixing it into water. Artists used to keep secrets on how to make colors due to competition. They work harder, and then they were able to make watercolors.


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An old watercolor box                     A watercolor based painting


Painters and their paintings-

A painter is someone who paints anything which comes into his mind. Best watercolor painters are classified based on how wisely colors are used. Flower art paintings have a painting of nature. We grow up making flowers. No person dislikes flowers. Flower art paintings are symbols of love because they are simply beautiful. Gifting flowers can make other people happy.


Best Watercolor painters-

Watercolor painting is another name of playing with colors. Best watercolor painters include the names - Paul Jackson, Joseph Raffael, and many more. Paul has a very big name in the industry of best watercolor painters. He is a globally praised artist from America. On the other hand, Joseph's belief is to make everything visible, which you may not have seen. He is a resident of NewYork.


Chinoiserie is western art, decorative style. This term is derived from the Chinese word "chinos", which means "Chinese". Blue and white chinoiserie are most popular in paintings. The watercolor painting looks extremely beautiful when these are applied to it. Blue and white chinoiserie are most commonly found in Chinese sceneries.


We all know being an artist isn't an easy task because of the complexions. One has to work hard for displaying anything. We all must have watercolors present at our homes. Go and grab your color to paint something for yourself.





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