Teenagers: Age Group of 13 to 19 | Adolescence | Proper Guidance Living


The youngsters in the age group of thirteen and nineteen are called teenagers. They seem to stand at a crossroads and are a bewildering lot. They are restless to forge ahead in the field of knowledge and careers and so are under great pressure and strain. The competition in schools, colleges, and careers is growing tough day by day. Parents expect them to have excellent grades in their examinations and tests. Many of them commit suicide every year as they fail to have results expected by their parents and elders.


Failures make them frustrated and they revolt and become indisciplined. They do not conform to customs and traditions and follow the western styles of living and thinking. There is no proper guidance and understandings of these youngsters. There is hardly any file model on the regional or national levels to follow and they feel lost, neglected and uncared for. The institution of family has been disintegrating and parents lack both desire and time to look after the teenagers. Really the teenagers are passing through a very critical period.


It is a night time that more and more time is given to teenagers; more and efficient guidance and counseling services are there. They should be treated with love, sympathy, and regard. Their sentiments, ideas, and dreams should be given due to consideration. It is also essential that their surplus mental and physical energies are given due outlet in the form of games, sports, scouting, NCC, social services, and cultural activities. Our education and examination system should be suitably reformed. Education should be job-oriented and linked with the industry. There should be no political interference in the management of schools, colleges, and universities.


The society should recognize the separate identity of teenagers and participate in their activities. The practice is better than precept. We should have patience, tolerance, and sympathy with the youngsters. They urgently need a kind of healing touch. If the right lead and guidance bare given, the teenagers of today will definitely create a new brave world full of due discipline, values, healthy traditions, enjoyment, and prosperity. It needs a kind of cultural, social, and educational renaissance and resurrection.




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