“How to See Ghosts” A Superfluous Paranoia


Curious to know how to see ghosts? Don’t worry we will help you, satisfying your immense desire for seeing the spirit of a dead person. Transcribing this article has not been motivated by horror movies or fictitious stories but by a menace affecting the psychology of small children and making them phobic even of scientific effects. It is a matter of prolonged debate among the scientists and sagacious that after all reaches the conclusion that ghost is nothing except what has gone into oblivion forever. But innumerable stories on spirits of dead persons revealing it as wreaking havoc or doing paranormal/sinister activities make the blood run cool in the spine of the listeners forcing them to see the ghosts in whatever way they can.


What is a ghost?

There is no need to tell you what the term ghost actually stands for as even the smaller children can reveal it as an efficient teacher. It is what brings the children together stimulating them to share many of their purported thrilling experiences entertaining everyone participating in that session. The children take even the fictitious stories on ghosts and get victimized by psychological problems. Ghost actually is the word used for the spirit of someone who has died but makes his/her presence felt through paranormal activities, making the blood run cool in the spine of those who come to know of his/her still existing. It is the most terrifying and paranormal activity that makes the so-called ghost’s existence felt. 


Do ghosts exist?

Any answer, in yes or no, will be injustice with the fact we want to communicate to you. If someone divulges to yours amaze that he saw a few terrific ghosts walking on the Church Street or cemetery under the moonlight, that should not be taken as a liar. He must be 100% true in whatever he reveals regarding the ghost-like spotted by him, but what still is needed to be investigated include the timing, situation, and his mental status. Someone driving his car provided sees a ghost-like white-figure at midnight (as depicted in movies or books) near a mountainous region his claiming to have observed a ghost requires investigation. 


What must have caused an impression of walking-ghost in the mind of the driver may either be some human-figure-like fog blowing at that moment, drunken state of the driver, or reflection/refraction of his car’s light that must have created a scene as if a ghost is walking on the street in midnight hours. Believe it or not, there is no ghost anywhere in the world. It is only our fiction, ignorance of light’s effect, movement of air, storm, rain, sounds of dried leaves of the tree, moon, howling of wolf/, the hooting of an owl, etc that are instilled into the mind of people as substantiating the existence of ghost. The human brain happens to be much inquisitive and can trigger a variety of thoughts and that is what we see in many horror films stimulating especially the children to muster the courage to see ghosts.


Instead of jumping straight onto furnishing you exceptional tricks on spotting the spirits of dead people, we would like to draw your attention on whether ghost exists. Interacting as a journalist with a multitudinous number of people, the conclusion that I’ve reached at subdues that there is no ghost or spirit in this world. It’s only a phobia or psychological disorder that lends superfluous importance to the notion of ghosts. Coming across what I mentioned if you’ve got frustrated that this article isn’t going to reveal you anything outstanding regarding the observation of ghost it would be a vivid sign of yours being enormously influenced by what seemingly must have succumbed your brain regarding the existence of ghost. What I am trying to communicate to you regarding immense craving for seeing the terrifying ghosts in the dark of midnight, I’m sure, you must have fathomed well. What has been revealed in a survey is remarkable to see as it rejects the concept of spirits’ existence. Many of you must have been narrated many terrifying stories on ghosts in your childhood or might have been directed by your parents as a child to do such and such things or refrain from doing such and such work in the name of terrific ghosts. It is what keeps the trepidation regarding the dead person’s existing life as the invisible spirit or ghost, arousing immense curiosity among the young people to see it.


Is the idea of ghost fictitious?

Yes. Let's have a look at an example. If you visit the traditional Indian crematoriums situated on the bank of Ganga (a holy river) where the pyres are lit as the last riot of a deceased person, you can see in the of the night many fiery balls popping up in the air and making human-like figures. Such fiery figures are presumed to be the spirits of recently cremated people. It is a concept among the Hindu Indians that watching such fiery existences entitles a watcher to face lots of hardships in his/her life. That is why nobody dares to approach near a crematorium at midnight. But the science doesn’t believe in such notions as what it reveals rather thwarts the concept of a dead person’s spirit existing on earth. 


As we all know that bones have phosphorus, the un-burnt or semi-burnt bones of the body on being influenced by high-speed wind get sparkled making many peculiar figures resembling ghosts on the bank. I’ve come across many videos posted on the Internet by so-called viewers of ghosts. But what has been exhibited in each of these video-footages doesn’t substantiate the presence of ghosts. Even if any eerie figure has been captured by the camera it doesn’t authenticate that it was a ghost. It is only the situation, light’s reflection, or some other situation that seems to cause an impression of ghosts either walking, sitting, or doing something terrific. 





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