Due to the use of phone,horns are growing on people's skull says the research


In the today's generation mobile has become a part of life.We humans can't leave our mobile for more than just a minute. It has changed all the way of living -how we read, work, communicate, date and shop everything has become online and we have missed a face to face relation with all this things. This all changes made our life easier by just sitting at home and get all the things by never going there at actual place.


But we human's didn't grasped that the tiny machine used in front of us are remoulding our skeltons,not only in behavior but also the shape.According to the new research "Young people are developing a hornlike spikes at the back of their skull", caused due tilt of the head,which shifts all the weight from the spine to the muscles which resides at the back of the head and this leads to the growth of bone in the connecting tendons and ligaments.

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