Human Rights Concern in Iran and Italy

Iran: The outbreak of coronavirus has been fast in Iran along with 2,49,204 cases and 35,187 deaths. While the government authorities have taken various measures to protect the right to health of Iranians but people are skeptical about the decisions of government and they have no trust in its authorities because of the incidents i.e brutal repressing protester in November 2019 i.e Shooting down an airliner and hiding the truth in Jan 2020 and not even taking any action against the wrong-doer. Due to which they struggle to assure public health and security. Although it has been claimed by authorities that test results came back on the same day. But overall they are trying to build public trust.


Italy: The Government of Italy has taken restrictive measures due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. They implemented strict quarantine, closed schools in the movement and basic freedoms, cultural centers have been closed, cancellation of sports events and other public gatherings. Apart from this if people violated the restrictions without any valid reason then they can be fined up to 206 euros and three-month imprisonment. The authority has also taken measures to maintain proper hygiene and social distancing. Daily conferences organized by the government to share and implement campaigns to spread awareness regarding viruses and how they can protect themselves.





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