5 interesting facts about your dogs


We have heard a lot of interesting stories about dogs like them saving the lives of many people, protecting their owner and many more. Dogs have been a faithful companion for many years. It is for a reason why dogs are called man's best friend because they really are our faithful friend.We are always happy to spend some time with a little friend. We know many things about our loyal friends and knowing more will always make us happy so let's know some interesting facts about dogs you may not know. 


1) Saluki is a dog breed which is considered to be the world's oldest dog breed. They can be seen even in ancient Egyptian tombs.

2)We have heard that dogs can smell better than us but did you know that they can smell your feelings. You will be surprised to know that your dog can be trained to smell cancer and detect it.

3) There was a popular belief that dogs can't see color they have the black and white vision but that is not true they can see colors but not as clear as we do.

4) We say that all dogs bark but Basenji is the only dog in the world that can't bark.

5) The whiskers of your dog help it see at the dark.

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