Want to increase height? Here are some ways which can help you


Want to increase your height? Here are some ways you can try even now and increase your height.


1)Wake up early in the morning and try doing stretching and give a salute to the sun by doing yoga name as Tadasana, which will definitely increase your height.

2)If you do skipping i.e jump every day using a rope then your length will increase.

3)Drink a glass full of milk it will help in growing your bone by providing vitamin D, and if possible try using Ashvagandha powder in milk.

4)Start eating soybean to increase muscle mass. Soybean provides a high rate of proteins and vitamins which will help a lot.

5)Hold both hand-ups and stand on toes and try walking or standing for a minimum of 10 minutes.

6)Try hanging on the pole that is almost more than the height of 8 feet,

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