Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention is a collection of efforts to reduce the risk of suicide. These efforts can occur as an individual, relationship, community, and society level. People might think that one who is willing to take such a drastic step cannot be prevented but they are wrong suicide is often preventable.


Suicide prevention is combined with certain methods like:

  • Giving hope for a better life after the problem which is existing is resolved.
  • Over-coming the risk factors that lead to suicide such as poverty.
  • Improving the strategies for people who are wanting to commit suicide.
  • Treating people who are suffering from mental illness.


Medicines, improving mental health, and public health can be an example of efforts that are generally made towards people to resolve the problems faced by them. Social groups and engagement can heal an individual faster than medications do.


The question that arises is what if these methods don’t work and they still have thought about taking their own life then? The solution is not over when these methods do not work you can decide to have a direct talk with the person and know what is bothering him and why is not able to find a solution to it. It is stated that as a traditional approach has been to identify the risk factor that increases the risk of suicide or self, the meta-analysis suggested that suicide risk assignments might not be useful and said that an immediate hospitalization of the person with suicidal feelings might be considered as a healthy choice.


If the person you talk to is wanting to die or kill themselves or is writing, talking, and planning to commit suicide should consider getting help to live a better life. Not only those who have such thoughts but also people who are suffering from depression, mental illness, chronic diseases, any kind of abuse and violence may also consider suicide a solution for their problems.


Life is permanent and the problems you face are temporary; one shouldn’t end something they have permanently of something that has a temporary role in their life. Suicide does not only affect the one who had committed suicide but also those who looking upon the person who was wanting to die and was no more with them. Suicide is never an easy step but it can be cured for the better.

So, I say “let’s talk over because suicide is not a solution for a temporary problem”.




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