Israeli Parliament on Sept

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suffered a defeat on Thursday, has failed to proven majority to for formed Government again.It is the first time in Israel’s history that a Prime Minister designates has failed to form a coalition. In Parliament, 74 vote were fever to  and 45 were against the bill to dissolved Parliament. 


Netanyahu’s party, Likud party,won 35 out of 120 seats in April’s elections, and setting him to up for the fifth term . But former Defence Minister Avigodro Lieberman, had made it a condition of allying with Ultra-Orthodox Jewish parties that they change military draft exemptions. So Mr. Netanyahu pushed for new elections to present Israeli President Reuvan Rivlin selecting another member of Parliament try to form government. Mr. Netanyahu said,”We will run sharp,clean election campaign which will bring us victory,we will win,will win and public will win.”


Now, Mr. Netanyahu remains Prime Minister until September’s vote cast. Next Election will be tough for Netanyahu, he will face his toughest competitor in election,former military chief of staff Benny Gantz.He face another challenge in the form froud and bribery charges.He is alleged to accept gift from wealthy businessmen and dispensed favours try to get more positive press coverage.



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