Ink Nut Fruit - Removes Dark Circles Permanently in 1 Week

If you want to remove your under-eye dark circles permanently then follow this one highly effective Home remedy which involves just one ingredient. When the color of your skin around the eyes gets darker as compared to your face we call it dark circles. A dark circle is not a disease, it is just a warning, indicating that something is going wrong in your body. The skin around the eyes is much thinner as compared to the facial skin. It also contains fewer oil and sweat glands, this is the reason it tends to remain drier and more prone to damage. Dark circles have become a very common problem nowadays the reasons could be many. Apart from heredity, lack of sleep, fatigue is probably the major reason, then poor nutrition, eating very salty food, excessive screen time, rigorously rubbing eyes, stress, anger, and anxiety also contribute to dark circles. Here is one easy remedy which will help you no matter what your situation is. Once you will start using this remedy, the problems of dark circles will be history for you.


We will need just one ingredient i.e ink nut commonly known as Harad, Harra, or Haritaki in various regional languages. Well, it may or may not be readily available in your kitchen but easily available in your nearest provision store. This fruit works like magic especially when it comes to treating dark circles. All you will need to do take one stone pata board put a few drops of water on it, now take one ink nut and rub on it, in just a few seconds a paste will be formed. Now using your ring fingerpick this paste and apply around your eyes. The reason for using a ring finger is because the eyes area is very delicate and the natural pressure of the ring finger is the least. Now leave it for 15 to 20 min. It will get hard and dry, this is when you will have to wash it using running tap water. That's it the magical properties of ink nut will do its magic. Apply this paste once at least for 7 days to see a visible difference. This remedy has no side effects whatsoever, anybody can try it. We can apply this paste at any time of the day whenever we are free, just make sure we apply it daily.




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