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How to keep your mind and body healthy during a current lockdown: A study


This Covid-19 trauma is really being not so healthy for everyone both physically and mentally. The whole world is fighting with something which has not been cured yet. The offices, industries, work, shops, entertainment mediums, everything has been shut down for more than two months. No one is allowed to go outside their home because of the lockdown across the whole world.



But here I am going to talk about how you can keep yourself busy while doing some productive work. Yeah, I mean, possibly most of you have been planning to do something for a long time. Be it about painting, cooking, or learning new skills. But due to lack of time, you couldn’t do that.



Lockdown is really bad for a country because it has started creating problems like economic, and etc. But for an individual, this can be a good time to learn new skills as well. Though it is really hard to calm your mind, sometimes, during this pandemic situation, but through some meditation, you can avoid being frustrated or irritated. Yes, you heard it right. Meditation helps your mind to relax and relinquish you from anxiety. You don’t need to do anything but to save 15-20 minutes of time, on a daily basis, to perform meditation. Close your eyes, place your hand on your chest, feel the rhythm of the heartbeats, and take some deep breathes. Inhale and then exhale. Focus on your heartbeats and tell yourself that whatsoever it is going on, it too shall pass. If not now then someday but sooner this will go off. Do this 2 times a day, after you wake up and before you go to sleep. This will help your mind to concentrate on what is good and whatnot. Apart from that, one could also do some yoga after performing this small task in the early morning or whenever you wake up. Doing this will keep you mentally healthy during the whole day and would make you feel relaxed. This will remove all the negative thoughts and will help your mind to generate productivity.



Many people love singing, drawing, painting, sketching, coloring cooking, reading or writing, and etc. This lockdown can be very useful for them to learn something new. One who wants to study or learn new skills may prefer applications like or Coursera that provide bundles of interesting courses. They organize seminars and give assignments so that you can learn and practice at the same time. They offer you a variety of courses and also provide your certificate, which you can add in your CV, after the successful completion of the course you have opted for. But for the certificate, one has to pay a little amount of money.



One who is into cooking may learn new recipes or there are chances that they can introduce new ones as well. Innovations are in their hands now. For someone who is into drawing and painting, I know that because of some serious time management they do not get time to perform their art skills until it is a holiday or a no-work-day. But during this lockdown period, they can read and learn about various artists from European Era to the Modern Era. Through Google Arts and Culture application (which is available on the Google play store as free of cost), they can also visit some Art Museums, online and experience a 360-degree view feeling of those museums. This is the high time where one can do something productive without being disturbed by anything.



The best you can do, apart from whatsoever I have mentioned above, is that you can start writing a journal about how you feel during this lockdown. Well, it is never too late when it comes to start something new or to learn something new and interesting. Writing a journal is one of them. It is one of the most interesting yet productive works one can do. I mean, writing about how you feeling during this pandemic situation, what you would like to eat or do after once this lockdown gets lifted, what place you would like to visit, what city you would like to explore, either beaches or mountains and etc. etc. other interesting things you can write there.



If you are angry with someone or if you are having any kind of problem that has been eating your mind alive, if you have something that you cannot discuss with anyone, better write it down and let it vent out. It is psychologically proven that it makes your mind feel lighter and it is one of the best methods to vent out your complex thoughts. The better part is that you won’t be judged on the basis of how you write and what kind of handwriting you have. It is going to be your journal so you write the way you feel. Preparing a cup of coffee and putting your feelings down in your diary seems like a very good and healthy plan, isn’t it?



Well, one can easily use this lockdown time to do something productive. Keeping your mind calm is one of the hardest things one can do but doing whatsoever you love to do or wanted to do but couldn’t because of less time, would surely help you keep your mind on a productive track. You can do all these either today or never. So better use this hard time to build yourself. Both physically and mentally.

Thank You, stay safe, stay hydrated, and stay at home.





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