Benefits of Drinking Milk

In spite of their children begging and solicit for JUICE or SODA, many parents never serve anything other than MILK. "Drink your milk", they say. It's good for your health. As adults, we're al well - familiar with this idea of drinking MILK.

According to the NATIONAL DAIRY COUNCIL, milk is filled with nine essential nutrients that benefit our health.


As they are mentioned below:

* Calcium: 146

* Protein: 8 grams

* Fat: 8 Grams

* Vitamin D: 24% of the RDA 

* Vitamin B12: 18% of the RDA

* Potassium: 10% of the RDA

* Selenium: 13 \% of the RDA

* Phosphorus: 22% of the RDA

* Vitamin A: 24% of the RDA


Milk is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals including nutrients. Milk is also a good source of vitamin A, D, magnesium, zinc, etc. It's and an excellent source of protein and contains hundreds of fatty acids.

Let's see, how it is useful:

(1) It is good for bone health, it helps to keep our bones strong.

(2) It may help your skin to glow.

(3) It is good for our hearth.

(4) It helps us to repair our muscles.

(5) It keeps our teeth healthy

(6) It helps us to lose weight.

(7) It helps to improve our immune system.

(8) It is also useful for hair care.

(9) It helps to reduce daily stress.

(10) It makes our body healthy.







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