How to Cope Up with Depression?

Each one of us is dealing with some issues of our own, but it is important to understand that facing it and coming out as a hero, is what matters. No problem in this world is tougher than a person's will. Sometimes it gets strenuous to deal with everything alone, but there is always someone out there who is ready to hear you out. There are ways that can help to mitigate the burden and fight with the situation together.


Talking therapy: It is one of a powerful therapy that can help people feel better and it also helps one to get to know themselves better. There is always someone out there who will definitely listen to your problems. Speaking out mind truly and certainly helps. You can look for a professional for seeking help and if paying for a session seems expensive to you then you can reach out to your friends, elder, or your parents. It might feel awkward in the beginning, but it fosters to deal with stress. Once you do it, you'll feel light-hearted and might even turn up with a solution. It is all in your head sometimes which needs to be put out and feel free.


Be a Listener: When someone reaches out to you with their problems, listen! Don't interrupt while they speak and never judge or put out your unnecessary opinions. When they finish speaking, be more polite, natural, and calm instead of pushing them all over again and asking them to get over it. "I am with you", " it will be fine"- phrases like this radiates positivity and helps to gain confidence. Console rather than putting opinions. Reach out people, be more affectionate, and kind. 


If you need help, you can reach out - Just drop a mail and I will be there, no judgments and it will be totally confidential. In the process, you might get a friend too. :)





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