Famous Sweets in Chennai - a dessert to delight story that is liked everybody from the kids till the adults, and it has always been a happy ending recipe.


Desserts are sweet dumpling dishes that are loved by everyone right from the kids till the adults. It has always been a happy ending recipe that finishes the entire and every complete heavy file. 

The Main ingredient that is put in the sweet recipe is called SUGAR. 

The alternative that is used rather than sugar is JAGGERY. 

Sweets are the main features using these sugar or jaggery as the principal ingredients. This important part is called sugar confectionery and it encompasses all and any kind of sweet confections. 

Sometimes sweets can also include these ingredients: 

  • Chocolate
  • Candies 
  • Lolly pops 
  • Jellies 
  • Chewing gums  

Sweets that are like candies, beverages, and soft drinks, chocolate and milk syrups, fruit jams, cream jams and jellies are made mostly of sugars. Most of these also,  do not ever contain many vitamins or minerals or proteins.

There is no nutrition in these ingredients.

So they are called "empty calorie" items. 


Here are the famous sweets in Chennai: 

  • Poli 
  • Kakadu 
  • Kozhukatta 
  • Basandhi 
  • Baadhusha 
  • Gulab Jamun 
  • Jalebi 
  • Jangiri
  • Aamras 
  • Beeda 
  • Halwa 
  • Kaju katli 
  • Laddoo 
  • Kulfi 
  • Modaks 
  • Kheer
  • Rasagulla 
  • Nankhatai 
  • Rabdi 
  • Barfi 
  • Lassi 
  • Shrikhand 
  • Shahi Turka 
  • Sandesh 
  • Ice creams 
  • Petha 
  • Sheera 
  • Sweet Appams 
  • Banana bonda
  • Shankarpalli 
  • Dhondas 
  • Doodhpak 
  • Mysore-pak 
  • Satur Peni 
  • Soan-papdi 
  • Anarsi 
  • Poornalu 
  • Pootharekulu 
  • Paniyaram 
  • Gavvalu 
  • Dharwad Pedha 
  • Ada 
  • Somas in sweet 
  • Adhirasam 
  • Balushahi 



  •  Your Blood Pressure is lowered 
  •  Strokes are prevented 
  • It Will for sure Satisfy Your Cravings.
  • Sugar and Fat Intake is properly limited  
  • It will for sure inspire you to be active and alert 


  • Organs fat can become fat because of sugar and jaggery
  • Heart disease can be expected in case of higher consumption
  • Havoc with cholesterol levels.
  • Alzheimer's disease.
  • One can become addictive
  • Appetite control is disabled
  • Depression. 


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