Reasons Why You Might be Tired All the Time | Causes Of Tiredness | Constant Fatigue
Do you struggle to get out of bed, feel constantly drained out & rely on picking me ups such as protein bars, coffee, and sugary treats to get you through the day? If so, you're far from alone. Research by a market research company reveals that one in three of us admit we're permanently worn out because of the pace of modern life. As a result, sales of supplements such as ginseng, energy drinks, and power bars have shot up more than five percent in the last year alone as part of our desperate bid to battle exhaustion.
No wonder figures from a survey by a vitamin company show a whopping 97 percent of us claim we feel tired most of the time, and doctor's records reveal that 10 percent of people visiting their general practitioners are there solely to investigate unexplained tiredness.
So much so that doctors have even created a handy acronym --TATT( tired all the time)-- that they jot down in their notes when a patient complains of constant fatigue. 
Here experts point to some of the causes of tiredness: 
1. You're not exercising enough.
2. You don't sleep as well as you think.
3. You're overdosing on sugar.
4. You have an iron deficiency.
5. You're missing out on vital B-vitamins.
6. You are dehydrated.
7. You're storing up stress.
8. Meditate for 12 minutes. 
9. Surround yourself with houseplants

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