5 Signs of a Dangerous Headache


Headache: It can also be hard to explain headaches or seizures, but some typical symptoms include throbbing, pulling, continuous, repetitive, or irregular. The position may be in one section of the face or ear, or the entire head may be generalized.


1. Every headache can be severe, but in this situation, the level of headache pain is extremely high, and you'd need emergency medical attention. A symptom of a potentially life-threatening illness may be severe headaches. An aneurysm or bleeding in the brain can signify a sudden and serious headache, as described above.


2. Headache with a stiff neck and fever Suppose the headache is followed by a stiff neck and fever. In that case, it may be a sign that you have meningitis, brain, and spinal cord membrane inflammation. A bad headache followed by a fever will also lead you to experience an altered emotional state in certain circumstances.


3. Headache that affects severity There has been cases of patients with a greater level of headaches than the normal headache bouts. Assume that the headache is both intense and different from what you normally encounter. In such a situation, any major health condition such needs urgent medical care may be representative of this.


4. If the headache leads you to feel pressure behind or behind your eyes, it is an emergency and you should have a doctor to look at it. Pressure under/behind your eyes Headache pain may also result in a difference in your vision, leading to acute glaucoma, or a rise in pressure in the eye that cuts blood supply and can lead to blindness.


5. If you are over the age of 50 and the pain in one or both of your temples feels closely concentrated, the pain is not regular and may be a symptom of temporal arteritis, a disease in which the arteries in your temples become inflamed. It can result in loss of vision if left unchecked.




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