What to Eat And Not to Eat in the Spring Season


There are many rules related to eating in Ayurveda to keep the body healthy. Under these rules, some such things are mentioned for every month of the whole year, which should not be eaten in those months. Similarly, in the month of Sawan, some things are prohibited in Ayurveda. The month of Sawan is full of rain and greenery, but the chances of getting diseases are more in these days. In Ayurveda, special instructions have been given about food and drink during the month of Sawan. We are telling which foods are good to eat in this month and which foods can cause harm. Consumption of green leafy vegetables during the month of Sawan increases gout. Not only this, bacteria and insects also grow in these vegetables, which can cause stomach pain and other complaints. Most Read: Vegetables and fruits can also cause infection in the rain, know what to eat in this season eggplant Brinjal should not be eaten in this season and if you are eating it, then eat it very carefully, because during the rainy season, it gets worms. Milk and yogurt Do not consume milk in the spring. To illustrate this, the tradition of consecrating Shiva in milk in the spring started. Scientifically speaking, drinking milk in this season is more likely to cause gas and stomach diseases. In this season, curd should also be kept away because there is a possibility of getting cold, cold and throat related diseases. Meat, fish and onion and garlic Eating meat and fish and consuming onion-garlic are prohibited during the month of Sawan. Eating of tamasic tendency hinders the path of spirituality and also worsens the condition of the body. Rainy season is the time of breeding of fish. Therefore, the risk of infection is high at this time, so they should be avoided from eating. Most read: Take a tea in the monsoon, know the benefits of drinking 'Kashmiri Kahawa' to 'cutting tea' What should we eat ? According to Ayurveda one should eat fast and fast and hot foods in Sawan. Talk about vegetables, in this month, eat fast-digesting vegetables like gourd, trumpet, tomato and vegetables grown on vine, while fruits like seasonal fruits like apples, bananas, pomegranates, pears and berries should be eaten. Grains like rice, wheat, maize, mustard, moong, pigeonpea pulses should be eaten. Apart from this, Harad in this season protects you from every stomach disease.

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