Risks of Flat Shoes Women Need to Know


Flat shoes, aka short heels, are chosen by many women as footwear on almost every occasion. How not, the minimalist design and practical way of wearing it makes it easy for women to move. Many people think flat shoes are safer than high heels. Because the flat sole is believed to minimize the risk of women falling or slipping. However, the impact of wearing short heels is not that beautiful in the long run. The impact of wearing flat shoes on the body Wearing flat shoes because low soles and heels can actually have a bad impact on health. Not only for the feet, but the body as a whole is also affected. So, what are the effects of wearing flat shoes for health?


1. Easy to fall due to tripping Who would have thought, the flat heels and soles of these short heels could actually make our bodies balance less? Research published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science explained, 1 hour wearing flat shoes can shift the leg pressure distribution from the front to the back. The position of the pressure center on the shifting leg can change how the foot balances the body when walking. Because the center point of pressure serves as a permanent balance ability. If the pressure distribution on the feet moves, the pressure center point changes accordingly. This can make the body unbalanced. The effect is, the body is easy to fall due to tripping.


2. Inflammation of the legs The inner surface of the flat shoes tends to be thin and flat. This creates a groove soles of the feet that must change according to the shape of the flat surface of the sole. The ideal human foot shape should be slightly concave in the center. However, the long-term use of flat shoes will make your feet flat (flat foot). This causes the soles of the feet to experience overpronation. Overpronation is defined as the ankle rolling too downward when stepping. As a result, the toes need to push harder so that the feet can lift when walking. In fact, the feet turn inward when you step. In this case, overpronation can lead to inflammation of the foot, which is called plantar fasciitis. Research published in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation found the heels of people who have flat feet whose heels do not rest perfectly on the ground. Due to overpronation, the toes, including the thumbs, contract backward. As a result, the foot muscles and the tissue that connects the heel to the big toe, the plantar fascia, become tense. Repeated excessive pressure on the plantar fascia causes inflammation. In suffered plantar fasciitis, they feel prickling pain on the bottom of the foot near the heel.


3. Posture changes Flat feet due to wearing flat shoes for a long time affect the shape of the curvature of the spine. Research in journals Acta Ortopedica Brasileirafound, flat shoe users whose feet were flat had a very spine curve forward. This spinal condition is called hyperlordosis. Hyperlordosis can make the posture appear swelled forward. This research explains that the feet function as a regulator of body posture when standing. If the legs are not shaped as they should be, the posture will become unbalanced. This means that posture is also influenced by the shape of the legs.



Tips for choosing comfortable flat shoes:-

In order to minimize the negative risks to health, there are many ways you can do to keep looking comfortable when wearing flat shoes. Not only that, but we can also trick the old flat shoes that we already wear to keep them comfortable. So, what are the tips for choosing comfortable flat shoes? Choose a criticism flat shoe heel. Before buying, try to press the outer heel of the shoe. If the pressure penetrates the inner sole, the short heel is not compared. Choose a heel height of about 4 cm. Do not select f l at shoes whose soles thin he seemed foot "year" on the ground. According to research in journals physical Therapy Science, use short heels with soles as high as 4 cm. This can avoid shifting the pressure center that causes the body to become unbalanced. Choose an outsole made of rubber so that it absorbs shocks more optimally. Search insole (insole) made of leather or suede order fees are not scuffed and can "breathe". Choose a round toe so that the toes are more flexible. Choose a shoe size that fits and is "tight" on the back of the heel so it doesn't feel slippery and can easily come off when walking. Insert additional insoles into your old flat shoes to help repair and protect the foot shape from excessive friction. This is suitable for overpronated feet. Make sure the shoe size is appropriate, not too narrow or too big because it will cause your feet to scuff easily.




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