How To Achieve A Perfect Denim-on-Denim Look?

We all love denim. Don’t we? Many fashions have successfully ruled through the roost only to disappear overnight but denim has existed since time immemorial. Cotton denim, Stretch denim, Crushed denim, Rugged denim, Reverse denim and the list is indeed exhaustive. If you love jackets that too again denim ones you may face a million dollar question how to match the color of denim jacket and jeans. To opt for similar color and texture in denim and jeans is a big No.

If its summer then you may consider pairing the worn out and lighter denim jacket with darker jeans. For winter, the vice versa may work well. Remember the golden rule either light up jacket, dark denim or dark jacket, light up jeans. Black and blue are one yet classy denim color contrast that works wonder. So, you may opt for a black color denim jacket and blue jeans or may try the opposite of it. For instance, you may opt for a light wash denim jacket and dark wash denim or the other way round, dark wash jacket and light wash jeans. Here learn about few nonconforming denim jeans color that helps you in nailing the perfect Denim-on-Denim look:-

Tan Jeans: Quite underrated shade of jeans but when it comes to pairing it with a denim jacket, this style of jeans will turn you into a sight to behold. You can never go wrong with a blue denim jacket or a black one with Tan Jeans.

Olive Jeans: Do you aim to be a fashion icon, take a daring attitude little further by opting for olive jeans and pairing it with either a black denim jacket or a light blue one.

Maroon Jeans: This color may be comparatively a new kid on the block in the jeans fraternity. However, it is unquestionably giving tough competition to the other jeans color variants. Pair it with a jet black denim jacket or a dark blue one and you will be a cynosure of all eyes.

In nutshell, while few prefer to continue going on with the conventional denim look, few dare to break the fashion rules and come up with altogether an innovative denim style look. You do not have to be a genius to achieve that look. Fundamental knowledge of colors does suffice for the same. With the above guide, you will undoubtedly be able to master an art of achieving an infallible Denim-on-Denim Look.


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