Google Science Fair 2019: 18 Indian students among the 100

A proud moment for the Indians! 

Among the 100 top selections, 18 students from India have been selected for competing further for the prize money and several other things along with a noble cause.

Google had arranged a science fair this year where students aged 13-18 years had actively participated with many innovative ideas and future implications. Google held this fair to inspire the young generation and made sure that all the minds are actively introduced to several things, that troubles us in present society and surrounding, Also what could be its possible solutions using science, technology and engineering.

Students selected as finalists would be the winner of $50000 and also many goodies along with Chromebook.

According to sources and Google itself, there had been much participation with numerous ideas, May it is health related issues or creating more eco-friendly adhesives. May it be fuel making or rendering safety to our drinking water, The young and new curious minds have come up with their fresh ideas towards solving the global causes?!

The finalists were shortlisted basing upon few factors like creativity, scientific merit and potential for impact basing upon which top 100 were selected! Out of which 18 are Indians.

Congratulation champs! May the best one win!

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