Mahalaxmi Express:Rescue operation saved 1050 stranded passengers

On Friday Mahalaxmi Express left Mumbai for Kolhapur but unfortunately stopped at Vangani at around 3 am on Saturday. The panic, thirsty and starving people from the stranded train started asking for help through mobile by making a video and posting it on social media so that they can get some help. The passenger inside the train stated that the train was in one place for 15 hours and they don't have anything to eat and drink.


Soon after getting this news two Indian Air Force (IAF) helicopters and six boats of the National Disaster Response Force(NDRF), Navy, Railway Protection Force(RPF) reached there for the rescue operation to move the passengers of Express out of the danger area. The passenger consist of children, women nine of them was pregnant, and disabled people were rescued first and then the formal people were taken out. In all, 37 boats were used for rescue operation along with 37 doctors. Almost after eight-hour of the rescue operation, all the passengers of Mahalaxmi Express i.e 1050 were successfully rescued. Home Minister Amit Shah praised the rescue team for saving everyone's life.

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