6 microwave oven mistakes we all do


1. Not playing with your food!

Microwave ovens are the devices that heat up the surface easily, thus food at the bottom does get heated up, but the heat doesn’t reach properly to the centre of it! Hence, while you heat, make sure you play and jiggle it to heat it up evenly!


2. Not using a cover!

Covering your food with a lid or guard not just makes the cooking more even but the steam in there makes the cooking faster. Also, having a cover makes sure, your food doesn’t spill around, to create a mess!


3. Using the wrong cover!

Using covers of other materials is never recommended because these chemicals on heating would effuse harmful gases that when released into the food items makes the food dangerous! Hence, the use of Styrofoam, paper bags and plastic wraps are totally not preferable!


4. Use of turntables is mandatory!

Turntables not only help the food getting heated up evenly throughout but also helps the food stirring well, what we called earlier playing with food!


5. Forgetting a fork or spoon can be dangerous!

Often we leave our forks or spoons on our plates. Similarly, we leave the serving steel forks or spoons in the dish and then set it the next moment inside the oven to heat! These items are harmful to get into the oven because they might even cause damage and fire!


6. It is easy to stray here and there while cooking, but it is best to be avoided!

All of us are in strange habits to accomplish other tasks referring to multitasking within the cooking time! This should be avoided for the food needs your supervision and heed for better results!


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