Why US Experienced Hottest Temperature in Death Valley?


According to NOAA's Weather Prediction Centre, On 16th August 2020, the Death valley located in the deserts of Southern California reached 130 degrees Fahrenheit which is observed to be the hottest temperature in the US since 1913. Have we ever questioned ourselves that what would be the reason behind this climate change? It never happened in the past century then what happened that changed the climate condition so drastically? We know about biodiversity and ecological chains where flora and fauna are directly or indirectly dependent on each other. We all are well versed in the acts of humans.


They have exploited nature to the fullest and have destroyed the biodiversity as much as they can. Humans played their part in the game very well. Now it is the turn of nature to play and show how powerful they are! We are already suffering due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. So, during such times it is difficult to face other problems. We have also observed how animals are freely moving in the city during lockdown because we cut down plants and forests for our needs and they were forced to move away or were thrown in the zoos. But still, it's not too late, we can learn from our mistakes and grow out of it because nature is too kind and loving. If we show our little care and love to them, they return 100 times more with love and care.





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