Value of Friendship | Identify Between True and Fake Friendship

"Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learner the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything."

-Muhammad Ali


Friendship is meant to be a beautiful bonding. We may not find everything in a relationship at times but true friendship consists of everything as trust, understanding, love, honesty, loyalty, responsibility, company, knowledge. Friendship is a relation of giving valuable opinions. Everybody needs to have good friends, but everyone may not be lucky to get good friends. That's the reason why nowadays friendship is becoming a selfish motto either it is a selfless motto. Having a good friend is fortunate but being a good friend is more fortunate and moreover happiness. For a long-lasting friendship, you need a lot of patience. Patience doesn’t mean sacrificing self-respect. Patience means ignoring many things because on the whole day what we do is intentionally and many times unintentionally. Patience is the key to true friendship. Friendship is the only thing in which you can share your secrets. In friendship, I am talking about giving because giving is responsible for good bounding, good friendship, and good relationships.


First, be a trustworthy friend and keep secret then share your secrets. Many friendships turn into enmity just because of a lack of trust. Don’t use your friend’s secret as his or her weakness. You are not only destroying friendship but your humanity as well. Love is the best quality. Where there is love, forgiveness makes its place forcibly. We make lots of mistakes, God forgives us because he loves us. Our parents forgive our mistakes because of love. So love is a must in not only true friendship but also in every relation. I have written about it even though am not an easy forgiver but I am practicing honestly. Make a few friends despite thousands and be true to them. I always visualize that the best part of true friendship is listening. One should know or learn ‘The Art of Listening’. Nowadays it's very difficult to get a listener, everyone wants to speak but no one is interested in listening to the other wants to say. First, listen completely then speak. Don’t speak in between. After all, listening is a good habit you can learn a lot from everybody.


If you accomplish ‘The Art of Listening’ I bet everybody wants you to be his or her best friends. You would always be gathered with friends because there is a lack of listeners. You would become popular. A true friend must have the quality of motivating. Life is a journey full of happiness and challenges. Everybody wants to get motivated and cheered up. So learn to motivate your friends to show them their qualities, their potential, and their possibilities. Show them you are always there with them no matter whatever happens. May it be a good or bad time, ups and downs in life, rich or poor, no caste system nothing comes into your friendship. If something comes in between then that is not true friendship. Check yourself where you lack in being a true friend. Some people say that true friendship can’t be long-lasting. This is totally wrong. True friendship can be long-lasting if we stop making fun, true friendship can be long-lasting if we shut our mouth sometimes, true friendship can be long-lasting if we stop playing the inferior or superior game, status game, true friendship can be long-lasting if we stop blaming each other and remove ‘I’. I mean ego.


True friendship can be long-lasting if we stop talking behind each other and moreover true friendship can be long-lasting if given proper time and attention to each other, having faith and respect and better know each other deeply. I have seen that when true friends fight with each other then also they have a soft corner in their hearts for each other and that soft corner again combines them. If one of your friends uses bad words for you and you still remain quiet and calm then also friendship becomes harmless and the former one will repent for his words… honestly. Communication is a must in any type of friendship. Is it not necessary that you can make friends with only those living in your city or near to you. You can be friendly even though your friend lives in another country. There are so many social networking apps to remain in touch with your friend. Actually, communication is the main source of any type of relations. Now it depends upon your intention. Yes, intentions are also as important as communication because your intention tells your achievements. Accept everyone as they are so that by mistake you don’t lose your good friend. Be good and get good.


Yes if a person is bad or cheater or dishonest then kick on his ass and move on. The world is so big you will find lots of good friends. I have read that a true friend must be a good adviser. Very well said but I must say to all the people please never give advice when you yourself don’t know that what should be done. See guys I believe that it is better of being deceived than to deceive your friend. I know it is painful but just think a little deeper about who is in the loss? Your friend, not you!! You have made a space for lots of good friends. When we want a true friend we always demand he or she should be good, loyal, helpful, understanding, truthful, supportive, me, remain always with me, intelligent with a good sense of humor, etc. We want every virtue every good quality in him or her.




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