Chembarambakkam dries up

Chennai: Chembarambakkam lake which is the largest source of water for Chennai has completely dried up. The 3,500 million cubic feet capacity lake is totally parched and has changed into a slush because of deficit monsoon last year. This has caused an alarming water crisis for the city. 


Chennai Metro Water which provides water to the city has cut off its water supply to upto 40%. This has made water almost unavailable for the citizens. Sources say that people are hardly able to use water for their domestic use. Water is supplied only for about an hour that too mostly is toilet water. The residents need to pay Rs.1500 per day for the tanker supply. Also, it is a depression period for the fishermen as the fishes couldn't survive the drought. The cattles are suffering too as they are not supplied with enough of drinking water.


Though the administrarion is looking for nearby availability og water to help Chennai, they are definitely waiting for the June monsoon to improve the situation. It is also been thought to build a reservior to avoid such famines in future.



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