The day is here! Let's 'snap' it

Yes, the day is here. The most awaited movie for every MARVEL fan in India. The movie is out in the theatres. With the ongoing hype, there have been many fan theories and conjectures of what the end of superheroes would look like, who would survive the battle of survival and which hero would sacrifice.

Among all this, there have been spoiler free reviews from several levels, where there flowed the mixture of emotions and ecstasy. Every fan was satisfied with the world’s huge most hype, where every fan couldn’t control the tears.

There had been sincere requests from every level for not spoiling the movie and its anticipations. There had been many presumptions of the movie’s collection being troubled after the movie getting leaked by a popular piracy site. But then, constant messages and stories of fans definitely speak nothing is going to entice them towards watching a pirated movie, where the huge cast and the whole team had so many efforts put in for the making of the movie.

Reviews from several sites and critics are all mind- soothing as no one had anything ill to speak about. The secrecy which the directors of the movie had maintained with their own cast showed how serious they were about maintaining the hype among their fans. 

It is definitely the pinnacle of superhero storyline and is definitely going to thrill its audience with every drop of its emotion, action and story through its very amazing cinematography. After the world premiere and several releases in several other countries, it is now time for India to encounter the best ever action-emotional drive till date.

The statistics said BookMyShow application incurred a peak of selling 18 pre-booking tickets per second, and have sold 25lakh pre-booking tickets. No doubt the movie is on the verge of with a current IMDB rating of 9.2/10.

Hence, wishing the whole audience a “happy #endgame day”.

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