Patty Jenkins doesn’t want there to be another Justice League for a while

In a recent interview with THR, wonder woman director Patty Jenkins shared her thoughts on whether she or Aqua men director James Wan is the best options to direct justice league 2 following justice league’s disappointing show at the theatres

Patty Jenkins has its own take on the surrounding controversy of Justice League flopping at the box office and whether Justice League was DCEU’s answer to the Marvel Avengers or not. 

Jenkins tells THR

“I find these movies a challenging job, saying Jenkins about the Justice League Movie. She says there is a need to be a proper characterization before launching a shared universe movie. Jenkins said DC needs to build on individual heroes’ movies before taking on the extremities of going multiverse hero’s movies. She says they are excellent when done well…….. but taking all these characters at a one go is a tough task. Current now she doesn’t want to do a Justice League movie for a while but on the contrary, she is excited to see all of DC movies. She wants to see Aquaman 2, Flash”.

Going by the comments of the Warner Bros chairman Toby Emmerich on the downfall of the shared DC universe movies and studios focusing more on solo movies in the light of the Aquaman success, Patty Jenkins recent interview with THR also shares the same views

The Wonder Woman Director doesn’t want a Justice League movie for a while and has already had a Contemporary Wonder Woman movie in her plan for the third installment of this DC cinematic movie series even though the prequel to the first one won’t be hitting the theatres until next year. The first wonder woman movie was pretty much around World War I and the second goes to the 1984’s. For the third one, director Patty Jenkins doesn’t have any subtle idea but she is not planning to go back to do another periodical movie.

Jenkin’s obviously wants first more of light is shed off on the solo DC movies building the back-story of the superheroes pretty early like in the Marvel universe with the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor…..  And then proceeds to the shared universe movies.

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