Avengers Endgame spoilers? Man in China beaten up outside movie for ruining last Avengers film


Before the movie could hit the theaters russ brothers the directors of the movie avengers endgame sent an open letter asking people not to give spoilers to people and not to ruin the movie for them. as being one of the biggest marvel movie till date it is huge deal for huge number of audience. but some poeple just cannot hold the thought and just cannot let people be happy amd enjoy the movie.


Just like in china a man was beaten just outside the theater for providing the spoiler for the endgame movie.

Reportedly, the man after watching Endgame in theatres came out shouting all the spoilers to the people queuing to see the new film, which is why people took matters in their own hands.

The photo was circulated online and left many cinemagoers furious for having received spoilers.


The promise, to not give out any spoilers, was asked by Team Marvel, all the heroes of the film and the Russo brothers themselves.

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