Eau Fraiche Collection by Yves Rocher


Yves Rocher is planning to come up with two different perfumes collection out of which one will have 9 fragrances while other with 6. The collection with six fragrances is Eau Fraiche Collection. This set of six scents celebrates the notes of green tea ( Vert ), cherry blossom ( Cerisier), honeysuckle (Chevrefeuille), lily-of-the-valley (Muguet), lemon verbena (Verveine), and gentle rose blossom (Rose). Four of these fragrances are already in the market of the United States and Canada.



With the latest collection, the label wants to deliver the authentic aroma of nature and the main ingredient of the scent. The fragrances are made up of 88% of natural ingredients and are 100 % vegan. Also, the alcohol used in the brewing of this scent is botanical, and the packaging is all recyclable. Out of six, four of the fragrances are available at the price of $45 for 100 ml and $15 for shower gel of 200ml. The prices announced in Europe is 29.90 EUR for each fragrance, which is expected to be in the market in September 2019. ​

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