Avengers Endgame Movie Review


Its safe to say that Avengers Endgame is the most awaited movie of 2019.  The movie has a star studded cast , who we all have come to love over the years of the franchise.  This movie by the Russo brothers is the ultimate conclusion to the previous 22 marvel movies and of the Infinity Saga , the tickets for the movie were sold out weeks before the release of the film.

The movie moves in a very fast pace in the beginning , many elements of the plot are at work at the same time which causes a little chaos ,  many awaited moments occur in the first few moments of the film , Thanos is beheaded , Thor has depression and Bruce Banner is a millennial tongued Hulk. The movie progresses with improved relations between Steve and Tony , with two of the original Avengers back in the same team after their fall out in Captain America : Civil war. To undo what Thanos did in Avengers : Infinity war , there is an element of time travel in the movie as suspected by the fans through leaked set photos .   

The mission of the avengers is to bring back half of all living things , this time its not just about saving the Earth but rather personal for all the Avengers , who also lost their loved ones in the snap.  Although we are exposed to a new side of Hawkeye there’s not much of a logical explanation for his erratic behaviour. Black Widow is shown with a fresh perspective and emotions , which we are hoping stays in the individual Black Widow Movie that MCU has promised its fans. The audience felt like Captain Marvel didn’t live up to the hype and her approach was very individualistic throughout the movie.

 As the movie is near its end we get to witness the ultimate battle showdown between the trinity and Thanos. This scene is what the endgame is about , its spectacular , grand and personal for each of the heroes we love. As the movie ends we bid goodbye to our beloved heroes that we grew up with , they truly did make a mark in the last decade. In the future we should be expecting new faces in familiar roles.

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