No pains, No gains..

No gains without pains. The proverb really means that we cannot achieve real success in any field without great efforts and sacrifice from our part. Prima-facie it may seem contradictory; for there are people who have gained wealth without any pains whatsoever. When we take care of the son of a millionaire, we know how he has come to inherit great fortune without any headache. But we can realize these are rare cases of luck, just like a man winning a lottery which need not be counted on.


For us, it remains a naked truth that success can be won only at the cost of hard work and ceaseless labor. No pain, No gain. This is particularly true in the case of education. Students who really aspire to great success and scholarship, have to work hard. There is no royal road to learning. A scholar ye not born, but made through hard work and perseverance. A student can never become a scholar unless and until he works hard, gives a cent percent concentration on his books and studies. Talent differs. Some are born with great artistic talents or abilities. But it would be foolish to think that for them the path is wide open. Experience teaches us that no natural genius has ever become the master of his art and achieved complete success, who has not cultivated and perfected his talent by untiring industry and constant labor.


The proverb is also true in the business field. In business life success certainly depends very largely on hard work. Business people have to take risks in great pains. They spent sleepless nights, leisureless life. A businessman who idles away time; entrusting everything to his subordinates can never be successful in his career. The men who have made great fortunes have all been hard workers. “No pains, no gains", is certainly true of all the different aspects of life. It is also true in character-building. No one is simply naturally very good. A good noble character is the result of constant sacrifice, patience, effort, and struggle. It requires ceaseless efforts to form good habits, to resist temptation, evil companions, bad books and vulgar films and to develop virtues, Nothing can be achieved without real efforts for it.





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