Role of Teachers in shaping young minds of contemporary times

The present-day world is pacing up with numerous inventions, discoveries breaking the shackles of limited knowledge. Every now and then, we are on a verge of unveiling something different, something uncharted. Likewise, the minds of the budding ones who are assumed to be the future of a nation, are equally at pace. The second most important person after parents is our teachers, who play a pivotal role in helping to embark upon a journey of wisdom which tends to shape the future eventually.


Just as growth is the fuel of determining the prosperity of an economy, same way role of teachers has a significant impact on shaping the moral character of a student. Contemporary times demand a slightly different approach towards students than the traditional ones. As the saying goes “Knowledge lies on the stick that controls a child”, present time should never follow this. The role of the teacher is examining the psychology and behavioural change in their students is a must in order to identify the gravity of some situations. The more the enquiry goes, the better the results are to be followed. Suicides, inability to handle the pressure of the age-old education system has seen a few of the best minds going into waste. This is as grave as minds going without education. The role of present-day teachers should encompass providing a helping hand, keeping their ethics intact. The approach of making student learning needs to be limitless. It shouldn’t the only cate to the interest of the academics but also should provide equal space to think and navigate the world differently.


Teachers have the capacity of changing a mind and destined it to a much brighter side. The newspapers, in once a week comes out with headlines of severe harassment meted out by some teachers to their children, this needs prior attention. This is the first step towards determining the sanity of the teachers involved. The appointment of teachers should not only be based upon the order of merit or weight of marks in the certificate but true examination should lie in determining their psychology, their mentality. The contemporary times is hugely influenced by the surroundings on which a child grow. For proper maintenance of the cognitive senses, it is imperative to adopt scientific and far-reaching methods by the teachers of present times.


This should involve bridging the gap of communications between student, parents and the teacher itself. This, in the long run, will ensure prosperity in the minds of the students and will also increase their adaptability to various situations. This will also increase their way of perceiving things and how to go about things with a fresh mind.  The role of the teacher is debatable and the debate should involve how to mould various contemporary methods into the present day learning system so that education will never be seen through the glass of repent but with a greater sort of accomplishment for a better future.          

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