Imagine a life without a single friend

Life without anybody is never possible. We see friendship in every relationship. We are friendly with our family, life partner, and all our relatives. Also, a good teacher is that one who teaches the students in a friendly manner. Thus, this means that life without anyone.


A person who is quite close to us, with whom we can share our feelings and have to believe in it. Without a close person, life becomes sad for no reason. The brain and heart feel heavy by storing all the ideas, thoughts, events, etc. The brain loses its capacity to take the correct decision. Because sometimes we never get to understand which is correct and which is not or decide the one single best path from many.


One must have someone to share his sad and happy moments, problems, decisions and for company. It really makes odd to live without anyone's company. We would never understand what to do the next. The would only recollect the memories of the past life with someone or think what would happen if there would be someone with me. A person can manage some of the days after loneliness but it becomes difficult after that. So never let this moment come to your life. Be happy and keep people happy with you.

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