Here’s your guide to college as a fresher

A lot of students will be getting into college now. The semester starts mostly in July,but there are a lot of anxieties a student faces about college.Here is your guide for college as a fresher.The first and foremost thing is to be yourself. You should never ever try to be someone else and portray as someone you are not. You need to be more confident and humble as well.Try to be friendly and helpful to your peers.You will find a lot of people just like you trying to find out about the new sphere of life.As many of the students move to different cities for education, it becomes a whole new world for them to adjust.You need to adjust to the new home and surroundings but at the same time required to be as who you are and not forget your ownself.First year is all about exploring, in college you will meet different people , participate in different activities that happen all round the year . These activities help you gain confidence and make new friends.


As soon as your classes will start, a routine will be formed that will help you throughout in balancing your college and personal life.You will come across many people to hat you won’t be able to get along with but that’s okay.A lot of temporary friendships will be formed and break but you have to be positive throughout.There will be number of events in college,you don’t need to participate in all of them but maintain a balance between academics and extra curricular activities. An integral part of this is doing internships.While a lot of colleges have active placements cell that provide internships throughout,many colleges do not have these cells at all.Internships are a crucial part of work life and building your resume.The resume should have considerably good academic scores and extra curricular activities with work experience as well.College life is one of the best experiences of your life and it is upto you to make it better or not.


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