Social Media And Its Effect On Teenager

Social Media And Its Effect On Teenagers


Social Media is something that a lot of youngsters use to connect or communicate with each other. Social media apps and websites have become very famous among kids these days. It allows easy communication. Teenagers can put a story of what they are doing or where they are. They can also upload pictures of them for all their followers to watch. Gaining likes and followers has not become an obsession. We are always hooked on to our phones almost all day and most of the time goes into social networking with friends. The reason why it has become so popular is that with the help of social media, you do not have to talk to them in real life. You can just DM or direct message that person and become friends with them.


All this may sound quite interesting but it has its disadvantages. Screen time of the phone gets increased by a lot. With prolonged usage of phones, you can get headaches and mental problems and it can also affect your mental health which is as important as your physical health. Social media is basically a showcase of what a person wants to show the world. Suppose you are there on social media and to gain more followers and likes, you will upload more and more pictures and stories. It is obvious that you will only show the good part of your life and hide the bad side deep down inside you. By looking at this, other people will think that he is living such a good life and then he will be ashamed of himself and become depressed and sad that only his life is worse and others are enjoying their life.


Well, we need to understand that social media life and real life are two different aspects. Social media is to keep your friends updated about your life and show your friends where you have traveled and visited. In real life, you need to be active. 


Social media can also sometimes be a lot to handle. There have been many cases of people taking extreme measures just because of some small reason involving social media. We know that social media is necessary for things like communication and staying connected but the thing which should not be done is to take it more seriously than your life. So one should only use social media once in a while.




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