Delhi University (DU) introduces a set of changes in the admission procedure

Delhi University (DU) brings forth changes in admission process


From this year onwards the varsity will be having a lot of major changes throughout the registration and admission procedure. The changes are said  tobe in the  favour of student, which all the way is still yet be tested and judged by the students.


Unlike last year, the students coming from other broads will not be facing a deduction in their percentage of best four. The deduction of 2.5%is now been cancelled. All the boards will now be valued equally.


Lot of other changes have  been applied right since the starting of this year's admission. The process of admission has commenced from 30 May, Thursday.


While registering there will be calculator to help the students with the calculation of their best four's percentage. Officials also said that the admission portal is mobile friendly which can be accessed on 2G network also.


Earlier Yoga used to included under sports quota, but this year onwards it will be counted as extra curricular only. The students won't be able to use it for the ease of sports quota.


Modern Indian Language (MIL) will now be included in the list of academic subjects. Students can include them as their main subject while calculating their BOF. Till last year a deduction of 2.5% was to be inflicted on total percentage, if subjects were added off list.


Editing your application after submitting them will now be enabled. The applicant can edit the application but with an additional charge of 100 during the registration process.


The prices of cancellation fee are not increased from 500 to 1000. This in enforced so that the student think thoroughly before taking admission. Also, only one cancellation is allowed for every  cutoff, which again will make sure that the students properly consider before enrolling themselves in a college.


This year the dashboard is also designed to be interactive and helpful with the numbers. The number of seat available in a college, seats filled in the college and the number of vacant seats. This province is establish in order to the help students and do not end up applying for college with filled seats. 


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