AUD shifts the time slot of the entrace exam, to help students with the clash

On Saturday the authorities of Ambedkar University Delhi announced a change in the time of the entrance exam for MA Psychology.


Earlier the exam was scheduled to start at 2.30 pm on July 2, but now it is shifted to 10 am on the same date.


Delhi University in their released their date sheet for the entrance exams on 13 June. The entrance exams were scheduled from June 30 to July 5 and the entrance for MA Psychology was dated as 2 July.


AUD brought in this change because the date and time was contradicting with the exam scheduled by DU. The students were at a great disadvantage because of this clash. Both Delhi University and Union human resource ministry were written about this by the student.


This is the same as AUD. DU kept the same date despite being aware about AUD schedule, which was released in May. This will be tough for us as both the exams are happening on the same day with hardly any gap in timings,


a DU student claimed.


The students are a little relieved by the change in timings but they still are worried about time in between both exams being sufficient. Everyone is well aware of the Delhi's traffic and the time it takes to go from one place to another. The students are stressed that they might not be able to make it on time to the second exam. As some of the examination centres might be far away.

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